Changing of the seasons

As the days grow short and the weather turns, the club looks back on our accomplishments. We built a new course at Jackfish Lake, held a spring tournament at Centennial, the usual Canada Day weekend at both Centennial Park and Fort Battleford, held one of the biggest events we have ever held at Jackfish lake The 2019 Gold Eagle open (you may have heard of it !! :)), and capped off an awesome league season! With all these accomplisments we have lots to look back on.

Speaking of the new course, you should play it! Lots of people are making their way out there! The Gold Eagle open was held at this location and it made for a phenomenal tourney. I even had to opportunity to play it in the fall, the colors out there are unreal! When family flies in from across the pond they need to see this course! It not only showcases what disc golf is in Saskatchewan but also the surreal beauty we have in our backyards!

As we wrap up the year, I cant help but look ahead at the next few months. We will be calling an A.G.M. soon. I ask for everyone that has any interest in the sport to take part, even your new. The club will be rolling out some new things and lots will change. Stay tuned for more updates.

Winter rounds will also be starting before you know it, Bag Tag is still wrapping up. Look for a group of diehard players once the snow flies!

See you on the course!!!

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