USAMPC Match Play 2019


The 2019 season is almost upon us, and what better way to kick off the year than with an EPIC event announcement!!


The USAMPC is once again coming to Saskatchewan, and this year we at Disc Golf Saskatchewan have decided to up the ante!

Players from across Saskatchewan will come together at four local brackets of elimination style match play competition on April 27th & 28th. The winners of these brackets will face off at Murray Disc-Golf May 25th & 26th to crown our provincial champion, who will play in the finals in Emporia, Kansas for a chance to win 18 baskets & signs as well as discs for life!!!

Last year our provincial champion, Zach Renwick, had an experience of a lifetime in Emporia representing Saskatchewan and competing with other winners from across North America! We want to make sure our winner gets to experience that as well!

Last year Zach was awarded $500USD travel expenses when he arrived in Emporia. This didn’t quite cover the cost of travel, but it helped quite a bit. This year the prize has changed to $1,000USD store credit when you arrive. Now while this is double the value from last year, you can’t buy airfare with discs. We would hate to see our winner be unable to experience the finals because they can’t afford the travel. Disc Golf Saskatchewan has come up with a solution for this….

Our provincial winner will have two choices for their grand prize:

Choice #1: You stay with the original intended prize of $1,000USD DD store credit and fund your own way to Emporia to claim it, as originally intended for the event.

Choice #2: Disc Golf Saskatchewan pays your airfare to Emporia, and creates a custom signature fundraiser disc in honor of your victory!! Imagine your name & signature on a custom disc that we will design with you in mind, and have it in the bags & on the walls of players across Saskatchewan & beyond!

Registrations for your local brackets is open now or opening soon! The local brackets & respective TD’s are as follows:

Melville: TD Duncan Holness

North Battleford: TD Frank Kessler

Regina: TD Chris Hoyt

Saskatoon: TD James Lawson

The cost is $70 per player, which gets you a Dynamic Discs Lucid-X Escape and a Latitude 64 Zero Medium Keystone in your player pack. You will be guaranteed 3 rounds of competition with your entry fee. The first 8 players eliminated in local action will play an additional round for some great prizes, and all registered players are invited to the provincial finals for a one round consolation event for more great prizes, and a chance to watch the 2019 champion be crowned!

Register at:

Visit this link for more information.

and stay tuned to your local pages for more info from your local TD’s! Come out, have fun, and take a shot at an opportunity of a lifetime!!

As of March 24 2019 there still a few spots available in North Battleford!!