Canada Day Disc Golf Poster Prog2

The BDGC & Innovation Credit Union teamed up to bring you the best way to celebrate Canada’s 151st birthday!!

The event is in the books! Mother nature started the day off with a good rain, but once the discs started flying the weather cleared up!

Here are the winners of each group:

Youth: 1st Chandler O.

             2nd Beau G.

  3rd Meike G.

Recreational: 1st Christine

   2nd Vivian

        3rd Rachel

Ladies: 1st Kadie

        2nd Kristy

Advanced: 1st Adam B.

    2nd Joe L.


    3rd Maarten vA.

Masters 1st Evan Z.

     2nd James L.

     3rd Ken G.

Open: 1st John O.

       2nd Frank K.

 3rd James G.

The main event was followed by a night round and a doubles round the next day. With the completion of this even we would like to thank all the participants and sponsors who helped make this event a success!

Wondering what a night round is? Its easy, its disc golf in the dark! Players use glow discs or simply tape glow sticks to the disc, the baskets and tee boxes are outfitted with lights. The rules stay the same put the disc in the basket and have fun!

Check out this video from last year, this shot was taken by Evan Z. on hole 7.

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