“Zen in disc golf is to just throw the disc don’t get bogged with too much thinking allow yourself to just throw” – Patrick Mccormick, Zen and the art of Disc golf



A new year

Happy New Year! With the new year just beginning, we are taking a look at our past accomplishments and what the future holds in store! Last year we began a new chapter in the club, a board of directors was elected. Adam Bolig is our president. We set out to better the club, the youth …


Winter is well on its way, Christmas lights are popping up around the city. The club is still hard at work! The indoor league is coming up to its third Monday. Planning is underway to one of our major projects for next year. After lots of work by Adam and Evan they are proud to …

Gold Eagle!

The gold eagle is around the corner! Haven’t registered yet? Do so now email these guys here nbdgtournament@gmail.com. The club is currently busy getting everything set up for this event. This will be one for the books. The players in the event are also getting geared up! Check out the Ace page … that’s right …


Centennial Park

This course features a full 18 holes. Tee boxes are marked, and signage to next tee is visible from every basket.

A course map can be obtained here.


Fort Battleford

This course features 9 holes around around the historic Fort Battleford. Tee boxes are marked.  Take a walk around and see some of Saskatchewan’s history, why not huck some discs while your at it!