2020 A new year!

Happy new year! As 2019 ends we look to the new year and what it will bring.

In November we held our Annual General Meeting (AGM), as a result of this meeting we have a new board of directors.

Executive Director: Evan Zimmer
Deputy Executive Director: Kevin Zimmer
Treasurer: Barb Gratton
Secretary: Robin Zimmer
League Director: James Gerlinsky
Tournament Director: Vacant
Fundraising Coordinator: Candice Bolig
Youth Coordinator: Shawn Gratton
Women’s Coordinator: Kennedy Chartier
Course Steward: Vacant
Director at Large: Christine Fegan
Director at Large: Colton Scott

As we move into the new year, we begin with our annual Charity event the 2020 Ice Bowl. This event is run in partnership with D.G.S., and all proceeds go to local charities.

See you on the course!

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